Facilities Management Module
Because gardens are more than plants.
Irrigation Systems
Roads and Paths
Electrical Systems
Works of Art
Water and Gas Utilities
Memorial Benches
And Much More...
The BG-Map Facilities Management Module software has been developed collaboratively with The Mount Cuba Center
Gardens are more than plants! Manage your garden's vital facilities and infrastructure with the BG-Map Facilities Management Module. It maintains records, tracks suppliers and contacts, and schedules maintenance. And, it allows you to find objects and create maps quickly and easily.

Web Interface

Authorized staff can use a web browser on a desktop or mobile device to search for Facilties Management Objects by class and type, keywords and maintenance requirements. They can display objects along with description, contacts, maintenance history and images.

(BG-Map Web-VQF/ECM is required to use this feature.)

Object Web Display - Click to enlarge

Maintain a Running Maintenance History for Each Object

Maintenance History - Click to enlarge

Define Your Own Object Hierarchy

Each facilities management object is defined under a hierarchy of Class/Type/Subtype, which is completely user-definable. Each object is assigned a set of attributes and maintenance tasks, based on its Object Type.

Link Windows Media to Objects

And, an unlimited number of media files can be associated with each object, allowing the attachment of pertinent photographs, sketches, copies of invoices, sound recordings, videos, web pages, etc.

Track Maintenance

BG-Map maintains a running history of all maintenance performed on each object. It displays the next required maintenance date, and it alerts the user if maintenance is overdue.

Query the Database to Find Objects

It can locate any object or objects based on search criteria entered by the user - For example, it can answer the question: "Show me all buildings that will require painting this year." The results of the query can be displayed as a list or as a map.

Generate and Track Work Orders

Generate work orders for maintenance work and repairs. Track work order status. Link work orders to Facilities Management Objects. Save work orders in HTML format so they can be viewed and printed using any web browser on a network or intranet. Or, send work orders by e-mail.
Work Orders Entry Screen - Click to enlarge

Sample Work Order - Click to enlarge

Create Object Classes and Types, and Assign Maintenance Tasks and Attributes

Defining Object Types - Click to enlarge

The facilities management database is relational. A relational database eliminates the need to repeatedly enter redundant data, while it maintains data consistency.

Data entry windows for all of the database tables can be easily reached from the primary data entry window.

Facilities Management Database Tables
  • Objects
  • Accounts
  • Classes
  • Departments
  • Types
  • Subtypes
  • Contacts
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Materials
  • Media
  • Other Documentation
  • Work Orders

Map Objects as Points, Lines, or Areas

Line Type Objects - Click to enlarge

Each Facilities Management object can be mapped in one of 3 ways - as a point, as a line, or as an enclosed area. Line and Area type objects are displayed with the object's key number embedded in a line. Clicking anywhere on the line will retrieve detailed information about the object. BG-Map automatically calculates object areas, lengths, and perimeters. These attributes can be used to perform searches - for example - "Find all water pipes less than 300 feet long." GPS and total station surveying equipment can be used to accurately survey and map objects.

Simply Click Any Object on the Map
to retrieve detailed information

Displaying Objects on Map - Click to enlarge

Track All of Your Contacts,
and Assign Them to Specific Categories

Contacts - Click to enlarge

Each Facilities Management Contact can be assigned to categories - Staff, Supplier, Maintenance, etc. Send e-mail to any contact with a single click. Extensive right-click accesible context-sensitive menus allow you to quickly find, select, and delete items, and open related records.

Find Objects Fast With the Easy to Use
Query Builder - No Complex Syntax

Query Builder - Click to enlarge

The results of a query can be displayed in the form of a report, using a user-definable report format. Or, the results of a query can be displayed in the form of a map, showing the locations of all selected objects.

Query Results - Click to enlarge

Create Flexible Reports

Easy to format reports can be displayed on-screen, printed, or exported to spreadheets or word processing documents.

Report Output - Click to enlarge

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