GGN Standalone App
For BG-BASE Users Who Do Not Have BG-Map

Field Check Your Plant Collection on a Handheld Device


GGN Standalone app allows BG-BASE users who do not have BG-Map to collect plant size and condition data in the field for upload into BG-BASE. It allows the use of Windows 10-based Garden Notepad 3 (GN3) or Windows Mobile-Based Classic Garden Notepad (GN Classic.)


GGN Standalone App links directly to BG-BASE to allow data to be transferred with a single click.


With GGN Standalone App

You Can:


         Upload Data Field-Collected on a Windows 10 or Windows Mobile Device.

         Update BG-BASE Automatically with Field-Collected Data and images.

         Create Check Note Phrases to Speed Data Entry on Your Mobile Devices.

         Create Inventory Lists for Use with Garden Notepad 3 (GN3.)

         Export BG-BASE Location, Die Why, Label and Special Characteristics Codes to Your Mobile Devices.

         Print Reports

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