Garden Notepad 3 (GN3) for Windows
Record Plant Condition and Size in the Field on a Windows 10-Based device


GN3 is a time and labor-saving software application that allows garden staff to capture information about the size and condition of plants in the field on a Windows 10-based tablet or laptop and upload and automatically transfer that information to BG-BASE.


Note: GN3 requires BG-Map or GGN Standalone App 2021b or later.


Transfer plant inventory lists from BG-Map to GN3 for use in the field. Select a plant from the list and record your observations.


What Data Can You Record with GN3?


GN3 allows you to record:


v  Condition

v  Number of Trunks

v  Sex

v  Reproductive Status

v  Vegetative Status

v  New Location

v  New Number of Plants

v  Special Characteristics

v  DBH

v  Spread

v  Height

v  Check Note

v  Performance Note

v  Labels Existing

v  Labels Needed


The Condition Tab


Easily enter data using dropdown lists with options derived from BG-BASE.


The Size Tab


Enter the DBH, Spread and Height in the selected units.


The Notes Tab


You can use the Phrase Picker dropdown lists to select a phrase to add the Check Notes and Performance Notes. You can also add more by typing into


The Labels Tab


Select one or more labels that the plant has and one or more labels that the plant needs.

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