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Observations and Notes

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To use PropNoter, you must have the BG-BASE Propagations Module. For details, contact BG-BASE, Inc.
BG-BASE is a trademark of BG-BASE, Inc. PropNoter is a tool for viewing and editing BG-BASE™ propagations records in the field using a Windows-based handheld device.

A data export utility, built into BG-Map makes transfer of propagations records from BG-BASE to the handheld device quick and easy.

Barcode Compatible

PropNoter can be used with user-printed barcode labels.


Propagations records exported from BG-BASE can be viewed in PropNoter, and each displayed field can be edited. Multi-value fields are preserved and displayed in tabular format, the same as in BG-BASE. Data entered into PropNoter is uploaded and updates BG-BASE automatically.


"We just completed our first inventory using PropNoter. It went smoothly and was the fastest inventory we've ever done."

Amy Highland, Plant Recorder
Mount Cuba Center

Date Entry


Dates are entered using a popup calendar.

  • Sow/Start Date
  • Germination/Rooting Date
  • Potting Date
  • Estimated Completion Date
  • Completion Date
  • Die Date

File” Screen



“Dates” Screen

Propagules Entry

Data is presented in tabular format, the same as in BG-BASE.

  • Location (code)
  • Location Misc. (free text)
  • Propagule Type (code)
  • Medium (code)
  • Container (code)
  • Quantity (integer)
  • Date

Codes are displayed in drop-down lists, which are exported from BG-BASE.

“Checks” Screen



“Edit Propagule” Screen

Observations and Notes


New Observations are entered as free text. A “phrase picker” stores frequently used words and phrases, minimizing the need for manual typing. Previous observations are displayed below.


“Die Why” and associated notes are entered in multi-value tabular format as in BG-BASE.

Observations” Screen



“Die Why” Entry Screen

Speedy Search For Propagations

Find propagations quickly by genus and/or location. Results can be filtered through a search phrase containing one or more keywords. Tap on any of the displayed results to open its record.

Search by Genus, Location, and Keywords

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