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Record Plant Condition and Size in the Field

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"I have used the Garden Notepad in our Core Gardens inventory of plants. I saved so much time in the field and in the office... I feel that the Garden Notepad is a helpful addition to our plant records system!"

Angela Brown, Plant Recorder
The North Carolina Arboretum Notepad is a time and labor saving software package that allows garden staff to capture information about the size and condition of plants in the field on a hand-held computer and automatically upload and transfer that information to BG-BASETM.

Garden Notepad is integrated with BG-Map GreVidTM, allowing you to easily switch between both applications.

Barcode and RFID Compatible

Garden Notepad can be used with pre-printed or user-printed barcode labels or with RFID tags.

Garden Notepad can record these pieces of information:

Plant Condition - Record a code corresponding to the general condition of the plant.

Number of Trunks - Record the number of trunks for multi-trunked trees. Multiple trunks are automatically displayed on the map.

Sex - Record the sex of the plant.

Reproductive Status - Record the current flowering or fruiting status.

Dropdown Lists Simplify Data Entry

Vegetative Status - Record the code for the current vegetative status.

Container - Record the code for the plant container.

Cause of Death – Record the “Die Why” code and associated note.

Plant Location - Record the codes for the current plant location and location change type.

Number of Plants - Record the current number of plants or the word MASS.

(To access these features, GreVid is required.)

Spread - Record the canopy spread in feet or meters. Canopy spread is automatically displayed on the map.

DBH - Record the trunk diameter at breast height in inches or centimeters. Trunk size is automatically displayed on the map.

Height - Record in the height of the plant. The user can enter the height directly or by entering a distance and an angle. The calculated tree height will then be displayed.

Measurement accuracy can be indicated as approximate or not.

Built-In Tree Height Calculator

Check Note - Record a free-form check note describing the condition of the plant, maintenance to be performed, etc. You can insert commonly used words from a user-configurable "phrase picker".


Performance Note – Record an additional note on the performance of this plant.  You can also use the Phrase Picker for this field.

Select Phrases to Enter into Check Notes

Special Characteristics – Record special attribute of this plant along with corresponding notes.

(To access this feature, GreVid is required.)

Select Special Characteristics and Enter Notes

Labels Existing - Record labels currently on the plant. Select from a list of BG-BASE label types.

Labels Needed - Record labels needed for the plant, including quantities and notes for each type. Select from a list of BG-BASE label types.

Enter data about missing labels

Using Garden Notepad to Enter Tree Measurements
Photos Courtesy of The Scott Arboretum

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