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Hardware Requirements

The BG-Map Total Station Interface is an optional module that provides a fast and highly accurate means to map your plant collection. It uses an electronic total station field surveying instrument connected to a Windows Mobile portable computer. Data collected on the portable computer is directly transferred into BG-Map. This automated system eliminates the need for measuring tapes and hand written survey notes. The result - increased productivity with far less chance for error.

Using a Total Station
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Mapping Plants

To map a plant, simply enter its accession number. The Total Station Interface checks it against BG-BASE to verify the plant's name and life status, and indicates if the plant has been previously entered into BG-Map (optional GreVid Software module is required for in-field checking). Once the accession number has been entered, the measurement is intitiated on the Total Station, and the received data is stored. After the data has been downloaded, BG-Map re-confirms the accession numbers and automatically inserts the plants into the map at their measured locations.

Mapping Plant Masses

Plant masses are easily mapped. For each mass, you can map the centroid as well as up to 12 points around the perimeter.

Mapping Facilities Management and Other Non-Plant Objects

The Total Station Interface can also be used to map non-plant objects such as paths, irrigation devices and electrical boxes. This is done by entering special codes in place of plant accession numbers. BG-Map will automatically insert these objects into the map and update the Facilities Management Database.

Data is recorded on a Windows Mobile Device

Holding the target
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The Setup Screen

Taking a Measurement

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