Costs for Software and Services
All prices are in U.S. Dollars

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|Total Station/GPS/Garden Notepad/GreVidô/PropNoterô|
|Program Customization| |Basemap Preparation|
|Other Services| |Reimbursable Expenses| |Items to be Provided by User|

NOTE: We can prepare a detailed proposal listing all
applicable services and costs for your specific installation.
Contact BG-Map for details.

BG-Map Installation Package

   (Includes BG-Map Single User
    Package, Visitors
    QUICKFinder kiosk software,
    adaptation of user's
    basemap, 3 days of on-site 
    installation and training,
    Users Manual, and 90 days of
    Technical support.)

          Cost................$7,200.00 (plus reimbursable expenses)

          User  must  furnish licensed copies of:

                        AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map or CMS IntelliCAD (compatible versions)
                        BG-BASE Collections Database Software**

          User must furnish a basemap in AutoCAD-compatible format.

          User must furnish all hardware.

                                      ** For information on BG-BASE, 
                                         Contact BG-BASE

Additional BG-Map Licenses at the Same Institution

          2nd workstation                     $500.00
          Each additional workstation         $250.00 each

          Note:  Each workstation also requires AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map,
                 or CMS IntelliCAD.

                 For network operation, an OpenInsight Server Deployment Pack and
                 Revelation Network Products are required -
                 contact BG-Map for details.

Facilities Management Module

          This optional module will track and manage your infrastructure,
          including buildings, equipment utilities, hardscape, artwork,
          signage, memorials, and much more.

          Create object classes and types, maintain records, track
          suppliers and contacts, find objects quickly, create maps, and
          schedule maintenance - all from within BG-Map.

          Cost..................................$3,995.00 (unlimited site license)

Web-VQF (Web Interface)

          Add the power and capabilities of BG-Map to your website with Web-VQF.
          Visitors will learn about your garden and create their own maps with ease
          from home or on-site. And, your staff will gain unprecedented access to
          plant records and location maps.

          Cost..................................$3,995.00 (See note below.)

                                                Note: Cost listed is for Web-VQF software with remote
                                                      installation. Onsite installation and training can
                                                      be provided at additional cost. Other services, such
                                                      as basemap "beautification" can also be provided
                                                      at additional cost. Contact
                                                      BG-Map for a complete proposal including
                                                      installation and setup services.

Total Station/GPS/Garden Notepad/GreVidô/PropNoterô

          Total Station Interface Software Module
          This software controls a total station electronic surveying
          instrument for automatic surveying of plant locations.

          GPS Interface Software Module
          This software imports data captured by a GPS
          for automatic surveying of plant locations.

          Garden Notepad Software Module
          Garden Notepad is a time and labor saving software package
          that allows garden staff to capture information about the
          size and condition of plants in the field on a Windows-based
          mobile device and automatically upload and transfer that
          information to BG-BASE. 

          GreVidTM Software Module
          GreVid is a tool for viewing BG-BASE plant collections records
          in the field using a Windows-based mobile device. Simply,
          enter the accession number or swipe a barcode to quickly retrieve
          data on any living accessioned plant.

          PropNoterTM Software Module
          PropNoter is a tool for viewing and editing BG-BASETM propagations
          records in the field using a Windows-based mobile device.

          One Module - unlimited site license...........$695.00

          Two Modules (when purchased together).......$1,320.00
          unlimited site license

          Three Modules (when purchased together).....$1,883.00
          unlimited site license

          Four Modules (when purchased together)......$2,389.00
          unlimited site license

          Five Modules (when purchased together)......$2,845.00
          unlimited site license
          GreVid and Garden Notepad Standalone.......$1,525.00
          Version for BG-BASE Users Who Do Not Have
          BG-Map (Includes GreVidTM, Garden Notepad,
          BG-BASE interface and 90 days technical
          support) - unlimited site license

          Note: Should you wish to purchase BG-Map for mapping in the future, the cost
          of your GreVid and Garden Notepad Standalone Version will be credited toward your
          purchase of BG-Map.

          Add PropNoterTM to GreVid and
          Garden Notepad Stand-Alone....................$625.00 (when purchased together)

Program Customization

          We can provide programming of customized features to your
          specifications.  For complex projects, we can prepare a
          fixed fee proposal.
                                              Contact BG-Map

Basemap Preparation

          Digitize existing paper maps and aerial photographs
          and provide other map creation and editing services.
          For complex projects, we can prepare a fixed fee proposal.

                                              Contact BG-Map

Additional On-Site Services

          We can provide additional on-site training, follow-up training,
          system optimization, and other consultation.

                                              $1,200.00 per day
                                              plus reimbursable

Reimbursable Expenses

          Reimbursable  expenses, including out of town travel,  graphic 
          reproduction,  courier  services, long  distance  telephone, 
          etc. are billed at cost.

Items to be Provided by the User

(All  costs  listed here are typical purchase prices in  the  U.S. For 
costs in other countries, consult the appropriate local distributors.)

          If you do not already have BG-BASE, contact Michael O'Neal at the
          address listed above for pricing.

AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map or CMS IntelliCAD  (compatible versions)

          Significant discounts on AutoCAD and Autodesk Map are available to
          government agencies and educational institutions.  For network users,
          a network license must be purchased.  For pricing of AutoCAD or
          AutoCAD Map, contact an authorized AutoCAD reseller.  AutoCAD LT
          is available through retail sales channels.

          For information on available grants and discounts for AutoCAD, see

          Use of a plotter is optional.  A plotter will allow you to create
          certain types of large format maps and plant lists that cannot be
          printed on a small printer.  BG-Map will work with any D-Size (A1)
          or larger plotter that  supports Windows, uses roll-fed paper, and
          can create long-axis plots.  Large format color inkjet  plotters are
          ideal for this  purpose.

          For details, see BG-Map Hardware Requirements

          A  printer  is used with BG-Map to produce maps and plant
          lists in 8-1/2" x 11" (A4) or 11" x 17" (A3) format.

          For details, see BG-Map Hardware 


          For details, see BG-Map Hardware Requirements

Mobile Device (Optional - Required only for the Total Station
Interface Surveying Module, Garden Notepad, GreVid and PropNoter)

          For details, see BG-Map Hardware Requirements

Total Station (Optional - Required only for the Total Station
Interface Surveying Module)

          If you will be using the Total Station Interface, you will 
          need an electronic total station surveying instrument.  The
          Total Station Interface is compatible with Nikon, Pentax,
          and Topcon total stations. Compatibility with other manufacturers
          can be provided at additional cost.   Recommended accessories
          include a tripod, prism  pole, interface cable and tripod leg
          bracket for the hand held computer, a case and a pair of hands-
          free radios.  For further information, contact a surveying equipment

GPS (Optional - required only if you will be using the BG-Map Global Positioning
System Interface)

          BG-Map can be used with a sub-meter accuracy GPS that can export
          data in comma delimited text format.  Costs range from about
          $6,000 for a "Mapping Grade" GPS with sub-meter accuracy to
          about $40,000 for a "Survey Grade" GPS with centimeter level
          accuracy.  If you have questions regarding compatible units,
          contact BG-Map.

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