Mapping the world... one plant at a time
BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System
BG-Map is full-featured computer mapping/GIS software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It works together with the BG-BASE collections records database.
Web-VQF - Power Your Website With BG-Map
Add the power and capabilities of BG-Map to your website with Web-VQF. Visitors to your website will learn about your garden and create their own maps with ease from home or on-site. And, your staff will gain unprecedented access to plant records and location maps.
Garden Notepad - Field Data Collection Software
Speed the process of taking field check notes on your plant collections. Garden Notepad records data on the size and condition of plants on a handheld device for automatic updating of BG-BASE™.
Automated Surveying Software
Survey plants, and infrastructure automatically using total station or GPS equipment.
Facilities Management Module
The BG-Map Facilities Management Module is a powerful addition to BG-Map that will help you to manage your infrastructure - buildings, equipment, utilities, works of art, signage, memorials, and more.
GreVid™ - Put Plant Records and Maps in the Palm of Your Hand
BG-Map GreVid is a tool for viewing plant collections records and maps in the field using a Windows-based handheld device. Simply, enter the accession number or swipe a barcode to quickly retrieve data and view a location map for any living accessioned plant.
PropNoter™ - Propagations Notation Software for Windows Mobile Devices
BG-Map PropNoter is a tool for viewing and editing BG-BASE™ propagations records in the field using a Windows-based handheld device.
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